Product With Full Feature Set


Save on fuel costs by creating optimized routes. No more looking up a map to plot the best route. With just the click of a button, all of your stops will be routed, and saves you time.

GPS Tracking & Dashboard

Get real-time tracking information for your entire fleet from the Dashboard. By knowing where your driver/technician is, and the specific status of the job they are doing, you are completely in sync with your field personnel and able to provide better service to your customer.

Pictures & Notes

Have your driver/technician capture job completion pictures and notes to have full documentation on how the job was done. Pictures of any pre-existing conditions at the job site can even help avoid any false liabilities.

Customer Signature & Digital Receipt

Once the job is completed, take customer signature directly on the mobile device and have your technician email a digital receipt right away. With all these benefits, now, the question is not why go paperless – the real question is - why paper at all?


What you measure, you can improve. After the job is completed, have the customer fill out a short survey directly on the mobile device. This will give you ratings and comments in customer’s own words. If there is a dissatisfied customer, get alerted right away so you can take action immediately.

Social Media Integration

In today’s world everything is online, and so is your reputation. Improve your online reputation by posting customer comments obtained through the survey system, on your Facebook page or Twitter page.

Open API

Data seamlessly flowing from all of your IT systems means better business intelligence for you. DispatchTrack provides open API so that data can be imported into DispatchTrack from any system, and also exported out of DispatchTrack. Additionally, for several POS systems DispatchTrack has readily available integrations. Please checkout the Partners page for details.

Customer Notification

Eliminate the tedious work of calling each customer to confirm their schedules. Instead, use the automated caller that can give customer their schedule and menu options to confirm. If the customer prefers, send this via email or SMS text.

Online Appointment Tracker

Some of your customers prefer to check their schedules online. Give them this option by adding the DispatchTrack Appointment Tracker on your website. With live information on the schedule including any possible delays, this is comprehensive information for your customer who prefers to access information online.

Time Sheets

Have your technicians fill in time sheets and categorize them as customer work, lunch breaks, internal work etc. This, combined with live GPS data gives you full information to not only manage your resources better, but also pay them accurately for the time that was put in.


Once a job is done, complete the transaction by generating an invoice based on the line items on the job, and email the invoice to the customer. With order management and invoicing in one system, you have the ultimate convenience, and this means hassle-free accounting.