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Route Optimizer Saves on Gas and Improves Route-PlannerEfficiency

DispatchTrack provides a powerful route optimizer that gives you the best possible route so that it takes the shortest distance to cover all stops on your route. No more looking up each address in Google maps, and plotting on a physical map using thumbtacks. What used to take hours to figure all of this out can now be accomplished with just the click of a button, saving you time and giving you gas savings at the same time.

Following are some key features that saves you time and gives you the ability to fine tune your route based on your specific business requirements and your customer’s requirements:

  • Optimized route
  • Schedule and time window calculations
  • Load balance by dollar amount
  • Load balance by truck capacity and volume
  • Load balance by stop numbers

GPS Tracking & Dashboard enable Real-Time visibility into Field Operations

DispatchTrack enables you to monitor your field operations through real-time data. With complete details about your field operations at your finger tips, you organization is much better equipped to handle customer calls, and take pro-active action when there are escalations or delays from the field. DispatchTrack allows you to improve customer satisfaction!

Following capabilities of the Dashboard enable you to have 360-degree visibility into your field operations in real-time:

  • Real-time GPS location
  • GPS History for 1 week
  • Current Job Status
  • Visual indicator for all escalations
  • ETA Calculation
  • ETA Delay Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Collapsed view for quick scanning

Job Completion Confirmation - Pictures, Notes and Customer Signature

They say, a picture is worth more than a thousand words! In a field-based organization, the ability to take pictures at a job site and take notes on pre-existing conditions or issues is worth more than a thousand words. This, combined with the ability to capture a customer’s signature right on the device eliminates the need for paper altogether.

  • Job Pictures
  • Notes
  • Customer Signature
  • Complete audit history including geo history

Automated Pre-Call for Confirming Schedules with Customers

One of the tedious, time-consuming and unavoidable tasks in a delivery or service organization is to make phone calls to every single customer to confirm the schedule. DispatchTrack gives the ability to perform this task in just fraction of the time with its Automated Pre-call capability.

  • Menu-based automated confirmation calls.
  • Calls all customers on a route with the click of one button.
  • Choice of male or female voice for the greeting.
  • Choice to upload a pre-recorded voice.
  • Message includes dynamic data like your business name and customer details


In today's world everything is online and so is your reputation. DispatchTrack allows you to customize your survey questions and capture a customer satisfaction survey on the mobile unit when service is rendered. The advantage is that you are there to hear and understand your customer’s feedback before someone else does.

  • Custom Survey Questions
  • Survey Dashboard with statistics
  • Hot Sheet Alerts (low survey scores)
  • High Response Rate
  • Email Survey option
  • Secure and confidential

Publish Survey Comments to Your Website and Social Media

DispatchTrack takes surveys to a whole new level. You can review your customer comments, and from time to time if you see comments that you really want to showcase, DispatchTrack gives you the tools to push them to your website and other marketing portals.

  • Publish to your website
  • Facebook Fan page
  • Twitter page
  • Any other online marketing portals
  • Immediate upload.
  • Comment includes details about your company, product and customer.

Track Widget

DispatchTrack allows for your customers to check status of their service jobs directly from your website by simply putting in their phone number! With this, you can minimize such incoming phone calls to a great extentwhile improving customer satisfaction.

  • Customers self-serv using their phone number.
  • Graphical display of status
  • Displays Time Window.

Geo Fence

In delivery and service organizations, meeting time window commitments is a very important criterion for success. After taking the time to plan out a perfectly efficient route and give service time windows to your customers, you want to know that your drivers are actually following the route.

DispatchTrack offers the Geo Fence feature, which allows you to define a perimeter around delivery and service routes. When a driver crosses that perimeter, DispatchTrack alerts you on the Dashboard as well as via email.

DispatchTrack uses Location Based Service (LBS) to detect when the mobile device enters or exists a geo fence and generates a notification. This is shown as an alert and sent as an email along with timestamp so that the business owner has accurate and timely information about any geo fence violations.

  • Geo Fence dynamically generated based on one-time settings.
  • Dashboard alerts for geo fence violation and when truck is back inside the geo fence.
  • Configurable email alerts


We know you want your IT systems to be synched up so that your customer data is consistent across the board. DispatchTrack was designed with an open API and integrates with most of the existing Point of Sale systems like Red Praire,, Profit Systems, FurnServ, FROG, etc.


What you measure is what you can improve. DispatchTrack gives you summary and details reports about your delivery and service jobs that can help you understand your business trends, and with this business intelligence you can make tweaks to your organization for further efficiency and business growth.

  • On Time Deliveries
  • Average Customer Satisfaction
  • Mileage
  • No. of Stops
  • Deliveries in Volume
  • Deliveries in Value ($)
  • No. of Items Delivered

Paperless Job Completion and Load Reports

DispatchTrack gives you pdf reports and shows you a checklist at the beginning of the day to load up the truck, and also job completion report at the end of the day to reconcile your invoices.

Paperless load reports and delivery reports not only save on paper and keep the environment greener, but it also avoids manual errors, and helps improve efficiency of the organization since all data is flowing seamlessly from the point of sale all the way to delivering the service and reconciling the invoice.

  • Load Report
  • Job Completion Report per invoice
  • Job Completion Report per Route
  • Mobile Driver Checklist
  • Digital Delivery/Service Receipt along with signature

Vicinity-Based Scheduler

DispatchTrack provides a powerful vicinity-based scheduler to optimize your resource allocation. The resource's route is shown on a map along with the customer's location so that you can easily determine the correct resource for the job based on availability and vicinity.

Customer Signature & Invoice

Once the order is completed, you can capture customer's signature digitally on the mobile device. A digital invoice can be generated and sent out right away. By reducing the time from job completion to invoicing, you can get paid faster!